As a BSA Media Fellow John spent 7 weeks working at The Times where he published 22 science news and feature articles. He has also written for The Guardian, New Scientist, Chemistry WorldThe Biologist, Biological Sciences Review and Aeon Magazine.


John obtained a BA in Zoology at the University of Cambridge and his PhD from the University of London and the Imperial Cancer Research Fund.  After a post-doctoral research period at  the MRC National Institute for Medical Research, John was awarded an MRC Career Development Fellowship followed by an MRC Senior Non-Clinical Fellowship at University College London. He joined the Department of Pharmacology, University of Oxford in 2002 and took up a University Lectureship in 2006. John is now an Associate Professor  in Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology and a Tutorial Fellow in Medicine at Worcester College, Oxford.


John has written two popular science books for Oxford University Press: The Deeper Genome  and Redesigning Life.


John's  principal research interest is in using molecular approaches to study how calcium signalling governs key physiological events (more).

Science & Society

John has spoken at the Cheltenham Science Festival  and at the Cafe Scientifique on the subject 'How Life Affects Your Genes'.  He has also presented a Charles Darwin Award Lecture at the BA Festival of Science.

John has also prepared reports about scientific issues for the public for the Wellcome Trust,  the Royal Society and British Council.  He has been a judge for  the  Arts Awards by the Wellcome Trust.

John makes regular appearances at local schools where he performs experiments in an inspirational way to communicate scientific facts to children (see an article about this).